– Corvette Platform


With over 40 years of building and experiencing the pitfalls of restoring 50+-year-old fiberglass cars, I made the decision to reproduce high-quality replacement C 2 Corvette bodies.  It has taken me over 4 years, but the wait was worth it.


The Product

B Rod or Custom is proud to introduce and offer the first official GM licensed C 2 Corvette body.

1963-1967 Coupe and Convertible, original/stock width and wide-body versions.


Points of interest

Isophthalic tooling resins

Press molded body panels

Bonding strips

3M structural bonding adhesive

Metal and Carbon Fiber birdcage



          Stock width Coupe replacement body shell w/o doors, latches, strikers, and hood and hinges

          Stock width Convertible replacement body shell, with doors, latch strikers, and hood and hinges

          Wide Body Coupe replacement body shell (complete with doors and hood, hinged and latched)

          Wide Body Convertible replacement body shell (complete with doors and hood hinged and latched