B Rod or Custom is excited to announce that General Motors (GM) has just granted a license to B Rod or Custom to manufacture new C-2 Corvette replacement bodies.

The license includes Corvette model years 1963-1967 in both convertible and coupe body styles with options for wide body or stock widths.  All fiberglass parts are press-molded, post-cured and made with superior quality tooling resins.  Vehicles will feature metal and carbon fiber birdcage parts and are assembled on fixtures that have been specially designed for that model. All parts are made in the USA.

B Rod or Custom will offer their GM licensed Corvette replacement bodies through five different packages:

-GM licensed Corvette body only
-Body plus chassis
-Body plus chassis and drivetrain
-Roller package with wheels and tires
-Turn-key C-2 Corvette

An unmet need became the driving factor for launching this project.  For many years, B Rod has faced the challenge of using worn original fiberglass bodies to complete high end builds for customers. In an effort to improve the quality of the builds, B Rod started planning and developing high-quality molds and fixtures to reproduce  C-2 Corvette bodies to a higher standard.  Since B Rod specializes in custom builds, the natural progression of this project was to offer an alternative to the skinny wheel look of the C-2 Corvette without adding fender flares. Thus, came the “wide-body” version as well as the stock replacement body.  At present, B Rod is the only company licensed by GM to reproduce and sell Corvette replacement bodies.

You can see an example of the replacement bodies at the following locations in 2020:

Spring Pigeon Forge Rod Run Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, May 7-9, 2020

Corvette Expo, Pigeon Forge Tennessee, May 29-30

Goodguys Nashville Nationals Nashville, Tennessee, June 12-14

Shades of the Past, Pigeon Forge Tennessee, September 11-12

Please note these dates and shows are subject to change and should be verified prior to attending.

When B Rod was formed, the vision to make B Rod or Custom the first name people think of when purchasing or building specialty automobiles was paramount. That name is now synonymous with quality construction, trendsetting style, and value-based pricing.  To accomplish these lofty goals, much energy was focused on the uncompromising task of laying the foundation of quality craftsmanship. Willingness to alter, adapt or sacrifice for the good of the project has also been a major component of B Rod’s principles and convictions. Over forty years have been dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship and integrity.


With over 40 years of building and experiencing the pitfalls of restoring 50+-year-old fiberglass cars, I made the decision to reproduce high-quality replacement C 2 Corvette bodies.  It has taken me over 4 years, but the wait was worth it.

The Product

B Rod or Custom is proud to introduce and offer the first official GM licensed C 2 Corvette body.

1963-1967 Coupe and Convertible, original/stock width and wide-body versions.

Points of interest

-Isophthalic tooling resins

-Press molded body panels

-Bonding strips

-3M structural bonding adhesive

-Metal and Carbon Fiber birdcage


          Stock width Coupe replacement body shell w/o doors, latches, strikers, and hood and hinges

          Stock width Convertible replacement body shell, with doors, latch strikers, and hood and hinges

          Wide Body Coupe replacement body shell (complete with doors and hood, hinged and latched)

          Wide Body Convertible replacement body shell (complete with doors and hood hinged and latched