Banshee X

Concept to Completion -

The Banshee X is a bold, new piece of distinctive automotive art, artistically designed and CAD engineered. It’s assembled by true craftsmen and is definitely built to be driven.

The inspiration for the Banshee X can be found in the “super cars” created by Chaparral and McLaren in the 1960s – winners on the track yet revered for their sleek styling as well. When Larry and PJ initially conceived the Banshee X, they believed that function would follow form and style; thus, the chassis was built to fit the body.

The origin of the Banshee X took shape in an unlikely way… It was a client’s tired, old kit car that provided the seed. Once disassembled and work had begun to correct and improve the kit car, it was quickly apparent that cost would easily exceed the value. Since the car somewhat resembled CANAM race cars from the 60s, the father-son team found their interest sparked and so began planning and developing what would evolve to be the Banshee X.