The Auto Shop in Knoxville, TN

Auto ShopB-Rod or Custom is located in Knoxville Tennessee, convenient to major East Tennessee arteries, I-75 and I-40.

Larry and PJ invite you to come by and tour the shop. It’s the ultimate car lover’s paradise…just don’t let the exterior fool you. Our auto body shop doesn’t buy into the idea of using an uninspiring garage that dulls the senses. Instead, they designed and constructed the B Rod Barn. Unassuming outside…but step through the doors and prepare to be blown away.

The facility houses a vast collection of shop tools for fabrication and custom work that sets their classic car restoration projects apart from everything else on the street. While Larry, PJ and crew make solid use of the tried and true, they equally embrace new technology and are regularly discovering new ways to make their processes more efficient and the end results even better. Using the proper tool be it a hammer or the latest CAD software is what makes the crew at B Rod really shine.

One look around the Barn and you’ll get it…these guys know their stuff and love what they do! Contact us today to learn more!