B Rod
offers an extensive collection of metal working tools that allows them to do fabrication and custom work that sets your project apart from the others. B Rod specializes in cars from the 50’s, muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, corvettes and custom one-off creations.

This shop also offers something not many other shops can, very unique in-house designs and produce turn-key cars like the Banshee X and TomCat. The TomCat was created as a result of a customers desire to restore a rusty old car that could be driven comfortably on today’s roads. The Banshee X was created for a customer who could afford any high end exotic available, but desired his own one of a kind car. Larry Burchett’s visionary accomplishments have been satisfying customers for over 30 years.

B Rod has developed a loyal following by offering restoration and fabrication services for those who expect high quality and attention to detail. They have shown a distinct talent for creating designs that offer the best automotive experiences. B Rod offers services that include the following…

• Evaluation and planned execution of your project
• Complete coating removal
• Paint application facilities
• Custom fabrication
• Panel replacement and rust repair
• Excellent paint and finishing services
• Full service mechanical restorations
• Interior finishing
• In house design and sculpting
• White-Light scanning
• Class-A surfacing
• Complete prototype capabilities.